Autism Spectrum Disorder Part 2: Sensory Issues

The symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are far and wide.  Children with ASD can have impairments that range from lack of coordinated movement to troubles with reading.  One area we’d like to focus on today is some of the sensory problems that these child have.

  1. Fussy eaters! Children with ASD that are fussy eaters have a diminished sense of taste and smell.  This means that they can only assess food based on texture.  This is one reason why they love simple carbohydrates like pasta and cereal and dairy products.  These are the foods that feed many other health issues with this children.
  2. Lack of social skills. These children often times can’t understand proper social interactions and etiquettes. This stems from underdevelopment of the brain responsible for building nonverbal skills.   These children lack the ability to “read” people (such as knowing if someone is happy or sad) and have challenges with emotional development.  Nonverbal skills are required for the development of verbal skills.
  3. Vision problems.  A child with ASD may have 20/20 vision but they may have decreased field of vision or may not be able to process light in the brain.  This makes them under or overly sensitive to light.  Also the brain may have difficulty processing large or small details.
  4. Sensitive to touch.  A child may extremely sensitive to touch and squirm away from anyone who wants to give them a hug.  These children can even be sensitive to wearing clothing. The opposite can happen as well where a child becomes overly clingy.


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