Autism Spectrum Disorder Part 3: Motor Issues

With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) on the rise in the U.S. early detection is key to helping a child develop through their challenges.  If  your child is not meeting their developmental milestones it can indicate a brain imbalance.  Here are some things associated with ASD to look for that demonstrate diminished motor skill development!

  1. The skill of balance.  This is a good indication of child development.  Balance requires the use of large muscles to overcome gravity.  The proprioception that is necessary for balance provides the greatest sensory stimulation for the brain.  So if a child is having trouble learning to crawl, take note! The brain won’t be receiving the information it needs to develop the skill to crawl and then walk.
  2. Mixed dominance. By age 2 your child should be showing a dominant side of the body and using one hand over the other.  When a child uses both hands interchangeably it slows down the speed of the brain and can indicate a learning disorder.
  3. Posture. Check your child’s posture.  Their head or body may tilt or rotate to one side.  This indicates that the postural muscles are out of balance.

Chiropractic care can correct any nerve interference allowing for the brain to develop appropriately.  There are still other aspects of treatment that need to be considered as well.  Chiropractic care is a crucial building block that will help the neurological component develop so that other therapies can be more effective.


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